Peppermint Paper Design’s bespoke service aims to inject fun and frivolity into your big day with highly personalized artwork. All illustrations are hand-drawn especially for your event and no templates are used - this guarantees a unique approach and enables you to stamp your own identity onto your special occasion. Long gone are the days of formal, stuffy invites, your correspondence can be cutting edge, quirky and reflect your personalities and the tone of your celebration…anything is possible. I can design save the dates, invitations, rsvps as well as extras like Guest information, table illustrations, table plans and menus.

As all custom-made jobs are designed exclusively for you please allow at least 6 weeks from conception to completion of a commission. If you would like an individual quotation for your particular requirements please contact me at The bespoke service is a series of steps to and from the clients and artist to ensure you are entirely satisfied with your final outcome so please allow plenty of time.

How the bespoke service works…

Step one: Custom Design Form

As everyone has such different requirements for their big day, pricing is done on an individual basis. So the first step is to fill out a custom design form, which will ask basic questions like rough numbers, services you’ll require, preferences on size, format and finish, specific wording you have in mind as well as enabling you to put down any particular starting points you have for your artwork, for example, colour schemes, themes, passions, interests and whatever else you would like to include. This enables me to understand your requirements fully and give you an accurate quotation for the work you require.

Step two: Presentation of ideas

I will draw up a brief written summary of the work I’m going to do (plus very rough thumbnails of artwork) with a rough quotation of all fees. This can be done in a meeting or via email. Once the job is agreed and approved 30% of the final fee will be paid by the clients, with the outstanding balance being paid before or on completion of the job.

Step Three: Approval of first and second roughs

All artwork will start in a rough form of pencil drawings (black and white) to give you a good idea of layout, style and format. This will be presented to you in a meeting or via an attachment on email - please detail any changes or additions you would like me to make. These adjustments will be made in your second rough and once approved I will commence your final colour artwork. There will be an additional fee for any changes made after this stage.

Step Four: Final colour artwork.

Your final artwork will start life as black and white pen drawings, be scanned into the computer and then coloured. Colours will be approved by clients before this stage to ensure they follow your particular requirements and once the final coloured artwork is approved by you your job is ready for printing.